Pakistan is amongst the best hiking and trekking destinations in the world. Its incredibly diverse landscape and natural beauty attracts an ever-increasing interest in the country. Every year many local and foreign trekkers head to the northern areas of Pakistan to embark on its innumerable hikes leading to spectacular destinations.

But on the internet, information regarding these treks in Pakistan is scattered, patchy, incomplete and inconclusive. This is why I launched Hikers Junction to serve the purpose of a single comprehensive Pakistani hiking portal where prospective hikers can find detailed hiking guides, stories and experiences of their next wilderness adventure. I try to include as much information as possible including trek maps, elevation profiles, trail length, duration, altitude, how to access, ideal hiking seasons, available facilities and required equipment etc.

You can share your own hiking guide or story on Hikers Junction by clicking here. Your story will be accredited to you via a means of your choice (linked to your email, social media accounts or Youtube channel).

Through publishing your article, you will be providing quality information which will be a source of benefit to Pakistan's hiking community whilst gaining recognition for yourself.

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